• CCTV
  • IP Cameras
  • DVRs
  • Wired and wireless


  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spyware
  • Backup/restore
  • Data recovery
  • Digital Forensics
  • Disaster Preparation and Recovery


  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • Web proxies
  • Web traffic filters


XpressTek delivers physical, desktop and network security services of the highest quality.

Physical security and surveillance
XpressTek performs installation and repair of CCTV cameras, IP based surveillance equipment, Digital Video Recorders and keyless entry systems at an exceptional value.

Information security and information assurance
Protect your vital information with help from XpressTek.  We offer on-site and off-site backup plans, virus and malware removal and protection, catastrophic data recovery and other related services.

Computer forensics
XpressTek provides disaster recovery, post-mortum analysis and computer forensic services.

Documentation services
XpressTek can help you to develop disaster recovery plans and procedures, SOPs, end-user documentation and regulatory compliance documentation.

Network security
Protect your network from outside threats.  We can help to evaluate your current security stance, perform penetration testing and help to fix any vulnerabilities in your system.



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